Joxaren’s (Juksu’s)popularity in Japan

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Last Saturday, my wife asked me to run an errand for her.
She wanted some merchandise of a particular character.
The character’s name is Joxaren(Juksu).

He appears in the novel “Muminpappans bravader“.

Many Moomin(Mumin)-related products were sold at a limited time store in Ikebukuro.

When I went to the store, many of the items were already sold out!

The Joxaren (Juksu) products were especially popular!

I liked him right away, too, because of his characterization and appearance.

I tried to figure out why Joxaren (Juksu) popularity exploded in Japan.

First of all, his personality is probably the main reason for his popularity.
Snufkin‘s(Snusmumriken,Nuuskamuikkunen) popularity has always been very high in Japan.
It’s no wonder that Joxaren (Juksu), with his more liberal nature, has gained popularity.

Many of the characters in Japanese manga have such uninhibited personalities.
And the relationship between Snufkin(Snusmumriken,Nuuskamuikkunen) and him is also very familiar to us Japanese.
The momentary encounter between parents and children living apart is very much like a Japanese cartoon.(Personally, I don’t agree with this trend, but Japanese manga is very pedigreed in some ways.)

In fact, most of the products featuring the hugging scene between Snufkin(Snusmumriken,Nuuskamuikkunen) and Joxaren (Juksu) were sold out!

Another reason is that the Joxaren (Juksu) resembles a certain animal!

The animal is now very popular in Japan!

Yes, the cats.

I remembered Nino the moment I saw his face.


Joxaren’s (Juksu’s)popularity in Japan will probably increase in the future.

Because cats are so cute.